“MartialHorror” is a website dedicated to my two favorite film genre’s: Martial arts and horror. While I do make special exceptions as to what I review, the website mainly focuses on these two genres. However, I also use the focus somewhat liberally. If a movie simply has martial arts, or has it’s scary moments, I may also review them.

  1. The Corpses of Dead Reviews: Martial-Arts

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    When I launched my mini-reviews page, the intention was for me to re-upload the original reviews from my old freewebs website, although I started discussing other movies as well. Over time, the mini-reviews section has become bloated and unwieldy, so I’ve decided to archive my original works as a separate entity. They will be divided between martial arts and horror, with the ‘mini-reviews’ being dedicated to new critiques. If you remember my ancient writings, I went through a lot of bizarre phases. My earliest works were crude and they eventually turned derivative of other online critics, before I adopted a ‘longer is better’ trend. Everything posted here will be an abridged, polished version of my original writing. I might re-watch some of my original subjects and have entirely different thoughts. I’m chronically embarrassed by all of my old contributions to film criticism, so I don’t count a lot of these as ‘official reviews’ anymore. Hence, the title- “THE CORPSES OF DEAD REVIEWS: MARTIAL-ARTS” Try not to be morbid and gawk! 300 (2007) King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) leads 300 Spartans to face the entire army of Persia, who seek to conquer the entirety of Greece, in this fictional version of the historic battle. I remember being unimpressed with the trailers for “300”, as it looked incredibly hokey, but the early reviews managed to get me a little pumped up. I was still not expecting this to be one of my favorite films of 2007 and it seemed like all of my...