“MartialHorror” is a website dedicated to my two favorite film genre’s: Martial arts and horror. While I do make special exceptions as to what I review, the website mainly focuses on these two genres. However, I also use the focus somewhat liberally. If a movie simply has martial arts, or has it’s scary moments, I may also review them.

  1. The “Daimajin (1966)” trilogy reviews.

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    MartialHorror reviews the "Daimajin" trilogy- "Daimajin", "Return of Daimajin" and "Daimajin Strikes Again", all of which are known for combining samurai drama with....Kaiju Eiga? Samurai Vs Giant Monsters? HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS AWESOMENESS BEFORE!?
  2. The Top 9 Movies That Tried to Redeem 2016.

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    I was originally going to write a foreword about how 2016 was a terrible year, but I am already sick of hearing that, so I’m going to embrace a different perspective. 2016 was an…interesting…learning experience. On a personal level- the year drew attention to my strengths, weaknesses, potential, limitations and unhealthy obsession with the “Carnosaur” trilogy. Yes, I felt the collective dread when a clown masquerading as a Politician somehow became the President-elect of the United States. But I’ve now learned the importance of understanding the political landscape, so we can hopefully avoid these kinds of mistakes in the future. Yet I have also come to the realization that it’s just as important to understand those you don’t agree with, as hostile generalizations will only drive us further apart. I’ve even learned that the mental image of a shirtless Putin bending Trump over his Oval Office Desk is very contagious and this sentence may cause an epidemic. But on a more bittersweet note, 2016 taught me it was time to move on… From reviewing… I know, I know, this is obviously the most devastating news of 2016, but hear me out. I’ve been critiquing movies since 2007, with “Rush Hour 3” being my first (posted) review. I chose to adopt a video format for some of my works in 2009 and my original intention had been to lampoon bad movies- because that was a totally original concept that hadn’t been done by the entire internet…I eventually broadened my horizons with...
  3. “Holidays (2016)” movie review.

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    "Holidays" teaches us how difficult it is to make a successful anthology, for even though it boasts a decent collection of talented filmmakers, none of them really seem to know how these kinds of movies work...or how short films work...or even how the horror genre works...

Want to know what’s currently in theaters? Check these movies out! If I did not do a written review of the movie, I placed a video review of it instead. The darker links are indications that I did not do written reviews for them.

Assassin’s Creed– 1.5/4

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story– 3.25/4

Office Christmas Party– 2.25/4

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them– 2.5/4

Arrival– 3.25/4

Doctor Strange– 3.25/4

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back– 2/4

Shin Godzilla– 3.5/4

Deepwater Horizon– 3.25/4

The Magnificent Seven– 3/4