“MartialHorror” is a website dedicated to my two favorite film genre’s: Martial arts and horror. While I do make special exceptions as to what I review, the website mainly focuses on these two genres. However, I also use the focus somewhat liberally. If a movie simply has martial arts, or has it’s scary moments, I may also review them.

  1. “Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)” movie review.

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    "Dragon Tiger Gate" enflamed my wrath not because it's terrible (it's not), but because it tricked me into thinking that I would be entertained. The first act is pretty awesome, but just as you let its warmth wash over you, the second act arrives and it's numbingly cold...and then the third act drenches you with piss and semen.
  2. “Seven Swords (2005)” movie review.

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    Personally, I felt "Seven Swords" came from Tsui Hark's bowels rather than his brain and I have no idea what the appeal is supposed to be. Yes, it's passable- and sometimes even exceptional- on a technical level but it suffers from every problem which usually accompanies films that were intended to be four hours long.
  3. “Forbidden City Cop (1996)” movie review.

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    But those who understand my tastes know that I'm tired of the ordinary, conventional flicks that take no risks, so "Forbidden City Cop" immediately got into my pants with its strangeness. But the unique fight scenes and hilarious comedic antics seduced me into a satisfying relationship.

Want to know what’s currently in theaters? Check these movies out! If I did not do a written review of the movie, I placed a video review of it instead. The darker links are indications that I did not do written reviews for them.

Sin City 2: 2.5/4

The Expendables 3: 2.25/4 (see Video Review HERE)

Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles: 1.5/4 (see Video Review HERE)

Guardians of the Galaxy: 3.5/4

Hercules: 2.75/4

The Purge: Anarchy: 2.5/4 (see Video Review HERE)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: 3/4

Transformers: Age of Extinction: 2.5/4

22 Jump Street- 3/4

Edge of Tomorrow- 3.25/4