1. MOVIE REVIEW: “Scott Pilgrim Vs the World (2010)”

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    When “Scott Pilgrim Vs the World” bombed upon its opening week,, fans were flabbergasted. “How? Why? What the hell!” they cried like little fanboys. Everybody liked this movie! Even the Critics did! Yet really, is it a surprise that this made no money? It was a hybrid film, having action, comedy, romance and that usually isn't the box office gold that we'd expect it to be. It was released at the same time as “The Expendables” - which stole the action crowd- and “Eat Suck Love” (or whatever that crap was called)- which stole the romance crowd. Even the comedy crowd went ahead a watched "The Other Guys" again. Yet the reason I avoided it was completely different all together. -Signed by MartialHorror.