1. “[REC] 2” movie review.

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    For some strange reason, I often forget about “[REC]” whenever I'm discussing my favorite found footage films. It confuses me because it is easily one of the better examples of its kind. The movie took a simple, maybe even predictable concept and somehow delivered an intense, startling and even scary genre film. It's greatness was even sometimes captured in the pointless remake, “Quarantine”. I've grown to believe that the title works against the movie. Whenever I try to explain it to people, I sound really stupid because you have to explain the title when you say it. Anyway, “[REC 2]” got fans excited, but I was weary. It was the execution of the material that made the first film so riveting, not the idea. Ultimately, the film was sometimes effective and it tried to do something different. But I'm really not sure if it worked...