Critiquing the Critics: 4.2 Relaunch IS HERE!!!

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Now let us squee without pants! The relaunch includes a “Critiquing the Critics” episode on Iron Liz ALONG WITH TWO episodes of “Kickass of Awesome” (“Man of Tai Chi” and “General Stone”).

I wanted to force- er, convince people to watch my more popular videos through my website, which will hopefully bring me more traffic for my written reviews, lesser known videos, twitter, facebook, etc.

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CRITIQUING THE CRITICS: “Pen N’ Paper Corner (Iron Liz)” review.

KICKASS OF AWESOME: “General Stone (1977)” review.

Written Review

KICKASS OF AWESOME: “Man of Tai Chi (2013)” review.

Written Review



  • thesharknuker

    Great Iron Liz review! The part were you got distracted while pondering made me laugh so hard.

  • locoma

    Really interesting review about Iron Liz, to be honest I never have checked her videos out, but now I know what they are all about. Seems really useful to her target audience. I played very little of table top games, but I enjoy Spoony’s reviews on the subject mainly because they’re based on the fictional setting and stories, but I guess she’s a good complement if I wanted to know the technicals.