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No, I am not asking for donations, as my schedule will always be hectic and I believe those who accept donations should release videos more consistently than I do. However, because I am going to be moving in the Summer, I wanted to make packing easier while also making some money in the process. So I’m selling everything that I don’t use, primarily movies, games and books. Don’t automatically presume these are all bad movies, games and books though, as I usually only watch/play/read each of them once and the rest of their days is spent collecting dust. I will be honest about which of these items are ‘good’. I’m also not going to lie, you can find many of these items cheaper than what I’m asking for. I considered the amazon price, considered how much I really wanted to sell said item (the higher it is, the more reluctant I am to get rid of it) and considered how much it was worth me going to the post office to buy boxes or padded envelops. I am relying a bit on my *snicker* minor *double snicker* youtube celebrity *god this is hard to type* status…So if you wish to help me out, please buy something. I don’t expect to get rid of all of this.

THESE ARE NOT ALL THE ITEMS I WILL BE SELLING. It’s just what I wanted to start off with.

AUTOGRAPHING: If you wish to have my autograph, please contact me privately through amazon to let me know. If you want me to write something specifically, include that as well. Otherwise, I’ll just write something creepy and bald- as I tend to do- and sign it off under MartialHorror. I plan on using some sort of stock card, but I plan on writing something strange and different for each person who buys something. Example: “Thanks for the purchase, you shall die last. Hugs and kisses, love MartialHorror”. I used that example because it’s not one of the better ideas I have for signing off (bwahahaha). JUST REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW. I don’t want to send something creepy to someone who isn’t aware of my youtube reputation. If you had already bought something prior to me releasing this, also contact me and let me know you want one.

SPECIAL: If you 5 items, you can request any reviewer to be covered in Season 4, although I get to choose exactly when. If you spend $50 (or more), your request will be bumped to the top of the list (after whatever I am currently working on).

-CLICK ON THE NAMES to get to the amazon page, where you can buy it. Shipping is not included in these prices. Be sure you’re purchasing from MartialHorror and not another seller, lol.


VIDEO GAMES: Some are really old, others are really new.


NEW Sim City Classic/Sim City 2000/Sim City 3000 combo: All used, 3 separate games.

Price: $10.00

Nintendo Wii

Donkey Kong Country Returns instructional booklet: You know those instruction manuals that sometimes comes with the games? This is that.

Price: $3.50

BOOKS: Yes, even the Creepy Bald Guy likes to read.

– I’m a sucker for autobiographies- especially surrounding movie stars- and screenwriting help books, although there are some fictional novels as well.


The Secret Circle: The Captive Part II– Some…vampire?…book owned by my sister. It’s in good condition for something used.

Price: $6.50


Biographies about Directors, Actors, etc.

Undisputed– By wrestler/rock star Jericho, one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. I’ve recently been on a wrestling trip, and the book is just as entertaining as the man himself. It’s a good balance between his personal life, his wrestling and music careers.

Price: $6.00

Flashback: A Brief History of Film (Third Edition)– A film based book I had to buy for College. It was actually a surprisingly entertaining read, making homework enjoyable for once. There are newer editions, but I don’t know how good they are.

Price: $2.50


Thank You Notes by Jimmy Fallon: Like new.

Price: $3.00

Leonard Maltin’s 2014 movie guide– Film Critic Leonard Maltin gives brief reviews for over 10,000 flicks! I always collect these kinds of books, but this is the newest and it’s in great condition.

Price: $7.50

Asian Fighting Arts: A fascinating look at martial arts from country to country.

Price: $7.00



NEW Resident Evil: Extinction– Christmas gift I never needed.

Price: $2.00

NEW Who am I?– Jackie Chan VHS. I never saw this copy, but I’m sure the previous owner did.

Price: $2.00

NEW Time Bandits– Technically new, but like used.

Price: $4.00

NEW Dawn of the Dead remake DVD– Unrated directors cut.

Price: $2.00

Unleashed: Jet Li movie, used.

Price: $2.00

 The Devil’s Rejects: Region 2 (UK), used-like new.

Price: $2.75

Blue Collar TV– The second season! I haven’t watched this, it’s my sisters DVD.

Price: $2.00

The Beyond– The Lucio Fulci film is a Korean (I think) important that HAS BEEN EDITED to 82 minutes.

Price: $6.00


Perfect Blue– Unrated! This is my favorite anime-film of all time. The cover is very used though.

Price: $2.75

Neon Genesis Evangelion– Genesis 0:11 The Birth: An anime TV show. Contains two episodes, if memory serves.

Price: $2.00

The Beatles: Live!– I don’t know if I ever watched this, but I guess it’s a concert.

Price: $2.00

The Beatles- A Hard Days Night: While technically superior to “Help”, I always preferred “Help” more maybe because I saw it first.

Price: $2.50

Audio Cassettes

The Beatles: Anthology 2– This is a used cassette, one of my favorites when I was younger. There is some damage to the casing and there are noticeable markings on the cassettes themselves

Price: $2.50

Bad Company– Oddly, it doesn’t say what the title of the tape is other than the name. However, the amazon page includes the songs.

Price: $9.00

Fleetwood Mac– Another old, unopened cassette.

Price: $12.00

OTHER: Items which can’t be classified.

NEW Gigaware USB Desktop Microphone: What I used during my Film Brain review.

Price: $7.00

NEW D-Link USB Port: Not sure why I have this, but it’s new and I’m selling it.

Price: $9.50

Cell Phone UMX U670c (i-wireless): An android which I opened, but never used and taped back into the box.

Price: $25.00

Travel Solutions Wireless Mouse: A wireless mouse for your computer. I already have one. This is brand new.

Price: $11.00