The Bounty Hunter… This isn’t Sparta.

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Oh dear oh dear, Mr Butler why is this DVD box pink with added pink trim?  Spartans are all about the pink box these days, even the Moviextras sticker is pink.  Colours aside what we’ve got here is a comedy about a bounty hunter, his ex wife & a news story that gets out of hand.

The plot’s not something I can really go to far into without giving it away, it’s relatively shallow but it works.  To sum it up Milo is an ex cop turned bounty hunter, he gets a job to pick up his ex wife.  She on the other hand is a reporter chasing a story, which results in the people involved chasing them.  Add a side plot where Milo is being chased over gambling debts & that’s the film in a nutshell.


The comedy works, and the banter between Anison & Butler is fantastic as the actors seem to bounce off each other.  There’s also the inevitable love moments, but I’m sure the pink box would be a hint at that.

Extra points would be given for the sound track, but that would imply I intend on handing out a score.  Also the apparent lack of CG is always good since it not only ages a film, but can look cheap.

If you like a comedy with a smidge of romance then this will make for a pleasant surprise, and since it’s now a bargain bin title it’s a good candidate for people wanting to diversify their collection.  Even ignoring the romantic crap the humour is good enough to carry most viewers through, and if anything it’ll give you something to watch with a partner.