Sometimes one of you is more than enough

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So basically I made a competition on the Toribash forums a while ago, Donseluke got banned & I figured it’d be fun for the community to draw pictures of it.  Being the great admin ninja I am, when it came to handing out the results I had a spark of genius…  Or at least I think that’s what it was.  :/

For whatever reason I figured doing it via video would be fun for the users, and as usual humiliating myself in the process.  So what could be better than one of me?  Two of me!

Man that was a bad idea.  On paper it was awesome, well ignoring my complete lack of acting talent.  So I wrote a script of some form (not that you can tell there’s a script) and set about doing short sections of interacting with myself – short as in a few seconds.  The result was around 15 takes for each – per ‘me’.  30+ recording for every 5 – 10 second clip I used.  Seriously, I never thought talking to myself would actually be hard!

The video will probably mean nothing to anyone outside Toribash, unless you have some weird infatuation with terrible art.  I’m just using it as an example of how bad something can turn out no matter how cool it seemed originally.

Note to self – work on joke delivery.  :/