Review Memoirs: “Angry Joe”

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MartialHorror talks about his controversial review of Angry Joe.

Other facts:

– I did a Memoirs episode on this because I am slowly watching this season over again so that I may collect my red flags in order to improve my record of them (my notes are sloppy and often unreliable)

– My Angry Joe review is currently my 3rd most watched review, only behind “Somecallmejohnny” and “The Angry Video Game Nerd” re-review.

– As popular as my AJ review is, my video response to Asa’s video has even MORE hits.I don’t count it as a review though.

– I got so sick of defending myself after the review (and response) that for a long time, I didn’t watch Joe simply because I was sick of talking about him. I eventually just got over it and will occasionally watch a review. It’s difficult to watch past subjects because I don’t have as much time as before.

– I like to pretend that Asalieri mentioning me in his Angry Joe review counts as him reviewing me, meaning I’ve been reviewed by just about all of the reviewer reviewers.

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