Review Holocaust: Freewebs is a douche.

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For those who actual scour my index page, where you can read all of my 1,000+ reviews, you might’ve noticed that my freewebs account is frozen- which means you cannot read any of my older reviews. I demanded to know why freewebs would do such a dastardly thing and they responded with this:

“We are douchebags who are jealous that you left us for a porno site.”

Okay, that wasn’t really what they said. The problem was that I had so many webpages that they thought it was spam. I informed them that I had been writing reviews for years and each review demanded its own page. They then claimed that because I allowed comments without restrictions, my websites were actually a target for spammers. To be fair, I did notice that I got quite a bit of spam over the past few years. The problem is that they refused to set my freewebs account free until I WENT THROUGH EVERY SINGLE REVIEW AND DELETED THE SPAM WHILE ALSO PLACING RESTRICTIONS ON WHAT COMMENTS WILL BE ALLOWED. After I did that, they would review my website once more…So all I had to do was go through 700+ pages of reviews to fix this…

f@ck that.

Freewebs had already become progressively unstable, which is actually why I moved to my current location. I would strongly recommend you avoid them like the bubonic plague or the cast of Jersey Shore. But where does that leave me? I’ve saved all- or at least I think I’ve saved them all- of my written reviews on word, so will re-post them…or will I? I think I’m going to spend a little bit of time every week going through all my old reviews. If I feel my review is obsolete, whether I’ve since changed my mind or think the review was simply sloppily, I will re-write it while also including a copy of my old review. If I think the review is fine, I’ll just go through it once more in order to fix whatever spelling or grammatical errors before posting it. I’ll probably post one old review per week, although maybe I’ll do more depending what else I’ve watched. In some cases, I’ll probably re-watch the subject.

Sadly, this might mean the death for my “Top 10 Most Read Reviews” lists, as it’s kind of pointless now. So thanks to all my readers and now I must undertake the ugly task of removing all of these dead links from my index pages…*shudders*.

Edit: I will also be adding another index page for reviews that can’t really be classified as horror or martial arts. In most cases, I won’t bother re-reviewing these.