Critiquing the Critics: “To Boldly Flee” Part 1.

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Remember children, humor is subjective.


This review was filmed over a period of 4 days and you can tell by my facial hair. This was not a pleasant experience. I had no idea how to write the video, so broke it up into me reviewing one episode at a time. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THIS WILL BE AN 8-PART REVIEW! I will cover 2-4 in the next video (maybe 5) and hopefully the review should be around 3 episodes long (4 at worst).

I think my mic is about to die as well, as it recorded some parts oddly. Part of the reason I sound so unenthusiastic during the 1st half is I practically killed my voice doing test runs. The mic making its first break is when I mention Spoony’s departure. I made a lot of old school mistakes, like some lazy editing and redundant word usage (“I felt”). I haven’t made a video this long in quite some time, so I just couldn’t fit in too many corrections. But I shall discuss more in the Review Memoirs episode.

Here is how this rating system will work.

1: Unwatchable
2: Atrocious.
3: Bad
4: Below Average
5: Average
6: Above Average
7: Good
8: Exceptional
9: Great
10: Perfect!

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