Critiquing the Critics: “Season 3” recap

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With the death of one season, comes the birth of another!

This video was never intended to be very polished, so a few scenes are rushed, but I was a bit more uptight than I expected. I had a short window to do this and I dreaded how long the script was. It was two pages, about the same length as a full critiquing the critics episode. By the time I had already started filming, I began having a few regrets. The ‘brackets’ that I categorized everyone were very flimsy, as most of the reviewers should be in multiple brackets. But it moved pretty well until I got to the ‘Season 4’ part. Generally, I either memorize my lines or place the script somewhere I can at least glance at it, But it was too long so I had to work on the fly.

It took 20 minutes worth of retakes to get it right and by right, I mean barely tolerable. With that all said and done, this was better than “Season 2”, which aged very poorly. Seriously, I found that to be unwatchable, whereas this is…okay.

I want to try to include more background music in future episodes. I always envied reviewers who can pull that off.

The only changes in the script were

1) When I mention Robert Million, I accidentally say (VO) “I double penetrated Robert Million with Spazzmaster”. Then camera cuts to me, frustrated, repeating “double teamed” over and over. Then I mention how the blackmail material was useless now. Why did I change it? It just didn’t seem as funny when I got in front of the camera.

2) Originally my forgetting Somecallmejohnny, Morgles, etc was because they belonged to no real bracket. So I refer to them as the freaks because they belong nowhere. Then I figured out that they all did share a theme (being solid examples of their subject). I would’ve fixed it, but it would’ve required too much editing by that point. So I left it as it is, although I changed the freaks line. Otherwise, it does seem like a random example.

Anyway, good luck for the Season 4 race and hope you enjoyed this video and Season 3. You can view all of the episodes in the video review index.


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  • Caitlin

    I really want you to review toddintheshadows. He's one of my favorites. Nice video.

  • Am I the only comment here? Well, anyway, I'd be glad if you reviewed me, but I'd also be glad if it was one of the latter scripts of the season so you could get the rebooted, combined show. Normally I'd try recommend someone else on the site, but I'm really interested in the type of in-depth feedback you provide and I rarely receive.