Critiquing the Critics: “Cover Art Fail! (Blee427)” review.

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The Creepy Bald Guy takes on…wait, WHERE THE HELL DID MY JACKET GO!?

While I am mostly happy with this video, I felt I could’ve done better with my jokes. I had intended to redo the “My style is humor is pretending to have humor” line as “My style is humor is saying that there is humor”, which I thought would would be funnier. I also mucked up the ending. The ‘Fate of my jacket’ line came off as odd and I should’ve left out “a little” when talking about a threat coming across as gay.

Originally, I was going to make a bigger point of my lack of Jacket. I filmed a few takes but didn’t like how they came across so just used the most basic (todays subject, cover art fail!). the line was: “Todays subject, I’m not wearing my jacket anymore! It’s Arizona, and it’s hot.” One take had me indicate that there was no punch line, the other would’ve been the ‘hot’ part would be the punchline. As a random continuity error, my shirts occasionally change. I filmed this over two different days and while I had the shark shirt available, I for some reason thought it was black and figured no one would notice. Turns out the shark shirt is just dark blue, although I can barely tell on-screen.

I am proud of my technical improvements though. I’m much happier with the audio, video, my editing, and feel I’m getting better on-screen.

A little about Blee427 and this video, originally the “Gaming Anthropologist” was literally a sentence, but a short convo with Blee427 suggested that he wanted to hear about that. Since it’s not a typical review show, I decided not to break it in half (like what I did with Apollo Z Hack) but did turn a sentence into a paragraph. lol, after his first video, I was sure he’d get a 2-2.5 star rating, but each video seemed to get better so I was happy. Well children, only one more episode to go…

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