1. “Hellraiser V: Inferno (2000)” movie review.

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    “Hellraiser V: Inferno” is probably the most polarizing entry in its franchise. Regardless of its final impact, there is no denying that no one expected a lot from it. Horror was in a decline and the failure of “Hellraiser IV: Bloodline” proved that while Pinhead had an audience, he wasn't in league with Jason, Freddy or even Michael when it came to box office returns. But since money could still be made off of him, they chose to go the “Leprechaun” route and release the films direct-to-DVD. But instead of delivering a cheap(er) imitation of the previous films (like one would expect), “Hellraiser V” ended up being a tense, psychological thriller. It wasn't anything like we had seen before in the franchise and that's where opinions on this entry differ. Was the change in...everything...a good thing or a bad thing?