Quick rant – “pro gay” companies

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This is going to be extremely short, and incredibly to the point – but fuck you to the whole [insert company] is pro gay shit.

I’m not gay, hell I’m extremely not gay but that doesn’t mean I don’t get pissed off at this.

So basically I just read something about Starbucks standing up for gay rights.  And this is because why?  Why should someone have to stand up for it?  Seriously, in this day & age why aren’t gay people considered “equal”.  I’ve got a few gay friends, and they look like people to me, they look human, so why the fuck don’t they automatically have the same rights that other people have?

Gah.  This sort of thing really pisses me off.
Like I said, I’m not gay, I’m straight.  I don’t find dude’s attractive, I have kids, I’m into women.  Hell I’m a serial womaniser…  Yet still despite being a womanising piece of crap I have “more rights” than a gay dude.  Go figure.

Fix this shit, there’s no reason why sexuality should result in people being considered ‘less’ than others.  Oh, and first person to give religion as a response gets a free slap.

I honestly can’t begin to express how much this gets on my dick end.  :<