Clueless, a somewhat guilty pleasure

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Oh Alicia the things I would do to you…

I could quite happily end there & fill the page with images of her, but then I’d miss the chance to fanwank over the glory that is this film.  It reeks of 90’s in every way, and we all know the 90’s were awesome…  Well unless you were a kid, in which case you really missed out.  It’s funny to think that after all these years I still have the same dress sense; then again I still have the same taste in games, right down to preferring the consoles over my modern ones.

Clueless Leads

I can’t really comment on the plot, because there isn’t really one to speak of.  There is however a lot of other stuff going on to keep you occupied, mostly superficial and a bit silly if looked at from a modern perspective, but it’s all part of the experience.  I suppose if you were to summarise it would be about Cher, her friends, school & boys.  As I said it’s superficial, but it works.

 Clueless ass grab
 The characters are cast wonderfully.  Alicia Silverstone is Cher, the main character, narrator & why oh why oh why did she get married to someo…  Ahem.  Dionne is Cher’s best friend, portrayed by Stacey Dash who carried on with the character in the Clueless series.  Most her screen time is in the first half of the film as other characters come into focus later on.  Brittany Murphy makes the 3rd leading role as Tai, the new girl at school who eventually rivals Cher in popularity.  There’s other actors you’ll recognise from other things, but listing them all would result in an essay.  Poke IMDB if you really want to check them out.

Oddly a lot of the film rang true for the school days over here in UK land, groups of fashion obsessed teens shunning others, wasters & dropouts skating and everything they do making them not fit in, drama over relationships that rarely lasted more than a few days.  Ahh the 90’s were great!  Even the language used in the film can be heard over here, although with a lot less elocution.

I hadn’t seen this film in years, my old VHS sitting disused due to technology – they just don’t fit in those little DVD slots no matter how much you try to jam them in.  Thankfully a genius somewhere decided to stick the film back on the shelves for valentines at a bargain price, which I promptly nabbed.  Totally worth the watch, even if it’s just to laugh at how badly we dressed back then…  Or in the case of some of us, how we dress now.

Oh and Alicia…  Call me, I’m sure we can work something out.