August 2012 update

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So, I had some spare time & I did some changes here.

The most obvious is giving more width to posts, after trying to read things on a laptop I spotted how cramped it was.

Gave MartialHorror’s page a bit of a prod to make it look tidier, sometime I might get around to making the rest look nicer.

While I was at it I culled a lot of useless crap, general bug fixes blah blah.  Basically insert boring stuff here.

On a more interesting note I decided to liven up comments, not that there’s a whole lot of them… ¬_¬  It’s more for my amusement than anything.  First up was adding some emotes, everyone likes emotes!  Some avatar stuff will be next up, though I’ll have to sort some first.

Oh, and there’s badge type thingies on comments now, they don’t really do much, though it makes spotting someone who’s logged in a lot easier.  Refer back to the “more for my amusement” statement.

“Related posts” is back & working, and I’ve moved the list of recent posts to sit below the menu bar when viewing a post.  Probably not the best place for it, but it can live there for a while.

Anyway that’s all for the moment, nothing exciting etc.