Angus, thongs and perfect snogging… Yay?

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To be honest I have no idea why I decided to pick this up, well other than to round up the total at check out.  The endorsement by Bliss should’ve been enough to warn me off, but alas I now own it & it’s getting watched.

But wait, Alan Davies might be able to sav…  Oh wait he’s just a side character.  So that leaves a bunch of teens, predominately girls just to add to the discomfort of watching.

So characters, or should that be in inverted commas?  There’s a severe lack of depth here, we’re talking paper thin even by Nickelodeon standards.  Oh yeah, it’s one of those.  At least the so called lead actors aren’t terrible, no matter how clueless the writers were.  Teens just don’t talk like that, especially British ones – Attack the Block is verging on perfect as far as that portrayal goes.  But less about superior films & back to the trash in question.

The plot basically follows Georgia in her attempt to get a boyfriend before her 15th birthday party.  There are of course friends & family, as well as the typical high school slag to contend with.  In fact Angus the cat has more going for it character wise, and that’s just sad; although there’s a lot to be said for anything savage & fluffy.  Umm plot…  It’s meh at best, and incredibly clumsy at everything.  Potential divorce?  Lets have some of that & do it all wrong initially so you don’t really care when things start getting grim.  Oh look the Indian girl is making “jokes” about having a moustache, very classy.

All watching this achieved was making me want to watch the superior things most the actors have been in, like remember when the actress playing the P.E. teacher was on Peep Show & she raped Mark?  Fun times.

I can’t even tell who this was aimed at, if the target audience is supposed to be teens then they were way off the mark, but a lot of the content would be way over the heads of younger watchers.  If it’d been more puerile I would’ve found some amusement in it, but overly concise teens skating around the humour instead of taking it head on destroyed the potential laughs.

I did like the cover of Ever Fallen in Love the band played, but that was cut short sadly.  Oh well, at least Angus the cat kept making appearances.

Angus the cat

Certainly one I wont be going back to, but it’s box will add some colour to the shelves and it saved me a pocket full of shrapnel.