Review Memoirs: “The Spoony Experiment”.

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There’s a deleted scene and MartialHorror discusses the current controversy surrounding the Spoonyone.

Some things I forgot to cover

1) Despite my constant harassing of TGWTG, I still do (generally) enjoy the website. It provides more entertainment than not and while the angry reviewing trend might be going stale, they are still the best at pulling it off.

2) Spoony will survive without TGWTG, but he needs to get his shit together before he just drives away all his fans. I’ve always considered Spoony to be a reviewer who happened to be on TGWTG than a TGWTG reviewer, even though he hordes his cliches quite a bit. I’m primarily referring to his popularity, not the content. If Angry Joe or Linkara left TGWTG, their popularity might be effected. All speculation though.

3) I am aware that Doug was on his honeymoon. I just think that Holly should’ve waited until he returned before taking any drastic action.

Hope you enjoy!

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