Review Memoirs: “Big Smile Reviews”

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MartialHorror discusses his first subject of the second season as well as his original theme song.

It took me a few tries, but Im happy with this review memoirs!

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THE SCRIPT: Warning, it’s pretty messy as I had to convert it into something else in order to make it readable.

Hello the CBG has returned with his first subject of Season 2: Big Smile Reviews, or Big Smiling Reviews, and he reviews good, contemporary video games, systems, but will sometimes go ahead and do an older game or a negative review. 3) He s not an Angry Video Game Nerd clone. It is so nice to review a gamer and not mention the nerd& Besides mentioning him- DAMMIT. 4) What else can be said about him? He s Excitable, over-the-top, crazy, potential serial killer, necrophiliac rapist.

2) Well, when you look at the reviewer triforce, it doesn t take much to figure out his priorities: He s obviously a character, and the whole point of his reviews is to establish a character that s unlike most other game reviewers. He reviews games, in his words, with passion and energy. Most gamers tend to be tired, overdone, pissy cliches, so it s nice to see someone break this trend. 5) As with most character oriented reviewers, it works as a double edged sword. When your gimmick is you, then if you re decent you will establish the most loyal of fans, as well as alienating or confusing the rest, who simply don t get it. So with BSR, you can find his extreme persona charming and fresh, or you can find him really annoying. Consider that, because what you think of him is what you will think out his videos,

What his next focus is, however, is unclear. Is he more criticism oriented or humor oriented? Well, since it s quicker, I ll start with humor. Imagine NC s Chester A Bum in terms of his personality, but without the jokes. BSR has no jokes. If you find him funny or not depends on how you look at him. I don t find him funny, but I do find him amusing. I don t think I m supposed to be laughing out loud though, so maybe he s meant to be more criticism oriented. 7) Generally, he s a tutorial style reviewer, focusing mainly on how the gameplay works, and whether it s good or not. He also gives notice to the graphics and online play. While his word use can be redundant, he is a fairly well spoken critic, and I admire the fact that despite the fact his reviews don t appear to be scripted, he rarely stumbles on his words. All in all, his criticism are good, but they re lacking something. 8) Ah, ha! STORY! Okay, sometimes he ll state whether the story is good, and occasionally he will go deeper, but he won t tell you the games story. You ll have to take his word for it. 8-9)But I m too lazy to post any clips about him not being deep enough with the story, so you ll have to take my word for that.

So he delivers good criticism, but can use a little more emphasis on the story. His reviews are 5-9 minutes and are decently paced. 9) He also has another show where he unboxes various games or systems, so it s like he s decided his first opinion. Some might find this useless, but his enthusiasm wins me over every time. It s like we re experiencing the games with him. 10) Now for the technicals. Well, generally he s good. The audio and video is crisp, but the editing sometimes leaves much to be desired. His early reviews were very poorly edited, sometimes cutting him off mid sentence. 11)What was he saying. I want to – Did it just cut me off? What asshole is editing my videos? I d recommend you check out his newer ones first, as he has gotten better.. But that leads us to a new segment. 13) Video Standout!

That’s it? Nothing fancy, just a black page and text? SG, tell whatever lazy bastard who is editing my vids to stop sucking at it.Anyway, this is where I tell you what videos of his I d recommend above all. : FF13 elixer unboxing, Batman Arkham asylum review, first Sonic review, new Mario 9)All in all, his criticisms are decent, but not perfect, and his humor ties in so deeply with the character, that it all comes down whether you find him interesting or annoying. If you don t like him, I can see why. But I do find it refreshing that someone goes against the usual game reviewer mold, which is some Irate douchebag reviewing old, out of date game. His goal with the show was to create a unique persona to deliver reviews in a way that aren t usually delivered in game reviews, and he succeeded. He gets a ¾ Stars. To watch his videos, go to, or check out his youtube link in the description. My name is MH- (I usually end it end, not spelling out my tagline).