My Reviewtirement: The 10-Year Tale of a Wannabe Critic!

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My Reviewtirement Video is HERE! This was easily the most complicated beast I have ever edited and the perfectionist in me still notices plenty of flaws, ranging from being repetitive to enunciating certain words poorly. But the good news is that I’m finally free! FREE! But don’t necessarily remove this site from your attention, as there will still be updates and new content.

Some additional Notes

-When I scripted this, I wasn’t thinking about being organized and sometimes that makes the timeline of my career seem odd. This was 4-pages worth of content, when most of my scripted reviews are about 1-2 pages, so sometimes I would actually forgot that I had already said something.

-I seem to imply that I’m no longer a fan of the Arrow in the Head. I still am, but the website has changed so much it’s hard to keep up with. These days, his site is more about genre news than reviews.

– I hadn’t realized that JonTron had left Channel Awesome some time ago, reflecting how out of touch I am. I added a text, but thought it would be funny if I rambled and fired it across the scene. Will anyone catch it?

-I chose not to show footage of the Reviewer Reviewer out of respect for his decision to scrub away his online presence. I was going to mention Robert Million, but then I learned of…things…He would’ve been a great Season 3 subject.

-I might get scolded for fat shaming…myself…I wasn’t supposed to do it twice, but production had gone so long that I forgot I did it the first time. (My weight doesn’t show up well on video, so you might be wondering WTF I’m talking about).

– I cut out a segment where I explain I’m OCD about what I’d watch for the sake of reviewing. This blew up when I felt obligated to watch “Yoga Hosers”, but couldn’t get through the trailer. At that moment, I decided I’d no longer feel obligated to watch anything I wasn’t interested in just for the sake of a review. I removed this because the video was taking too much time and it didn’t seem THAT important. I also forgot to add that my editing software (videopad) had become a pain in the ass and I was struggling to adapt to new ones. These points added to my decision to retire.

– There are a few moments in the video where I focus on a single image while I talk, such as the logos for CTC or my website. I was planning on doing a lot more editing, but my computer ran out of space for storing videos.
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