Horror Movie Review Index

Unlike Martial Arts films, where I do tend to play a little fast and loose with what I consider that genre to be, horror films are more straight forward. The only real inclusion is that I might review a thriller.

But what can you expect here? Giallo’s, Italian gorefests, zombies, slashers, demons, monsters, Kaiju, ghosts, exorcisms, and other types of horror that bumps in the night.

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HOW RATINGS WORK- Besides the rating, colors are also used to describe my opinion. If the link has none of these colors, then I haven’t colored them yet.

4/4 – Flawless movie, or if there is a flaw, then it doesn’t bring it down.

3.5/4 – Flawed, but brilliant

3/4 – Good movie. Great for genre fans.

2.5/4 – It’s alright. Good for genre fans.

2/4 – Average. Genre fans may like it.

1.5/4 – Pretty Bad. Possibly enjoyable for all the wrong reasons, or it might be a bad movie with a few good things in it.

1/4 – Terrible.

0.5/4 – I might kill the person who made this movie.

0/4 – Whoops, I did kill the person that made this movie.