Kickass of Awesome: “Shaolin Temple” video review.

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MartialHorror discusses “Shaolin Temple”, Jet Li’s big debut, while actually making “Kickass of Awesome” more comedic. Hurray!

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The action comes fast and furious and there is emotion delivered with each punch, kick and slash. The fighters really look like they’re trying to hurt their opponents, which boosts the already exceptional choreography. There’s no denying that everybody involved is incredibly fast, powerful and precise when it comes to delivering epic battles. And epic do the battles become. They balance hand-to-hand combat with weapon oriented fights, so they never become redundant. Hell, even the training looks spectacular and that’s usually the most boring part of on-screen martial arts. In the end, “Shaolin Temple” takes something familiar and turns it into one of my favorite kung fu movies of all time. 9/10. This has been an episode of Kickass of Awesome and Shaolin Temple is Kickass of Awesome, whatever the hell that means.