Guidelines to Not Sucking at Video Reviewing: “Writing Tips”

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MartialHorror gives writing tips for your video review shows!

This was shot and edited over the course of two days and sometimes I wanted to reach into the computer and smack it. Then I would remember that I would have to replace said computer, so opted to just hiss at it. In the end though, I was pleased with the video. I thought I handled the funnier parts well and made my point. My intent is to make these videos informative, but not boring. There are a few things I’d figure I mention.

Why I wrote on paper: The most difficult thing about this webshow is finding things to cut to so I can do a voice over. I decided to just write out certain words, to fit in with the theme. At the time, it didn’t occur to me that technically people ‘type’ video reviews and considered doing a joke about that, but couldn’t find the right context for it. This turned out to be very difficult as I had to hold my webcam IN MY MOUTH to do the scenes where I wrote on-screen. This turned out to be pointless as when I edited them, for my words to match what I was writing I had to cut out the majority of the on-screen writing. Because I couldn’t see the paper itself (camera blocked it), I had to rely on looking at the computer. That was a bitch too. I had to waste a lot of paper to get even the numbers right. Finally-

Why my handwriting is so bad: This video actually made me realize that I don’t do too much handwriting anymore. When I do, it’s usually quick notes that are more designed for me, so it can be pretty sloppy. I guess computers has made that shit obsolete. It also doesn’t help that I am left handed, so sometimes my writing just looks weird. This was magnified when I wrote for this, however, because I couldn’t see what I was writing. So it looks awful.

Misspelling Writing: Originally I was supposed to spell it as ‘wrighting’ and I’d just keep screwing it up. However, my mind just couldn’t get used to misspelling intentionally so I ultimately spelled it correctly. Having attempted to do that scene many times before and failing because my handwriting was unintelligible, I just decided to make it part of the joke.

A minor mistake: I was debating re-filming the scene where I do the cinematography example because it probably would’ve sounded better in past tense. But since I consistently used it in the present tense, I decided to just keep it the same.

Oancitizen: Oancitizen- I hope I pronounced his name right as I’ve yet to hear him state it directly in one of his videos- actually won Robert Million’s “Golden Critic Awards” for ‘best writing’. Rob was vague on what that meant and we interpreted it as just best jokes, stories, criticisms, etc. But once we realized it was more about how those were written in terms of sentence structure, etc, most of us chose him (one voted for “Red Letter Media”). I’ve only seen a handful of his words (3-4 videos and a few crossovers), but the man knows how to write. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean he will earn a positive review. I need to see more of his works before I deliver my final verdict.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video!