Guidelines to Not Sucking at Video Reviewing: “Humor and Semen Part 2”.

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More Humor Tips…and semen!

The lighting gets progressively worse because I rely on natural lighting and the sun kept going down. A few parts are weird because I occasionally jump to another topic a little too quickly, but I am happy about this video. One major scene had to be cut out because my timing was horrendous.

-Where was I? Oh yeah, find your own inner comedian. Don’t try to be somebody else because you happen to like them or they are insanely popular. You know who you are: NC17, Game Dude, Film Brain, Mike J, Irate Gamer, That Fellow in the Coat- before you wised up-. I don’t necessarily dislike all of these guys, but when we’re making love, I rarely think of them. I am thinking of the people who clearly inspired you. That was also a metaphor. Except you Mr. Coat. you know what we did.

There was a glitch in the video, so I had to re-edit it. It’s right after I say “I had to tone down by normal creepiness”. Suddenly the screen freezes while the audio continues. In the final product, you might notice the title card is temporarily larger. The reason why the majority of the screen is so small is because It shrinks every time the video is made and I needed a completed video in order to re-edit.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!