Critiquing the Critics: “Zenith will Review” review.

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The Creepy Bald Guy grows hair so he can tear it out in frustration while reviewing his most difficult subject yet! But more importantly, can he pronounce Zenith’s name correctly? The answer is a big N O, which spells yes…

This was an incredibly difficult and frustrating experience, not because I thought Zenith was bad- he isn’t- but because his ever changing formula makes it difficult to talk about him. Constant re-writes and re-shoots (notice my ever changing hair?) plagued this production. But I did learn some new editing tricks and was reasonably pleased with this video. It’s not perfect, but I had passed the deadline by such a large margin that I felt I had to get this out ASAP. I will reveal who my next subject will be on Wednesday! Please comment, subscribe and rate!

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