Critiquing the Critics: “The Spoony Experiment” Part 1.

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The Creepy Bald Guy takes on the beginning…of the end.

WARNING: Unlike most of my multi-part reviews, this one doesn’t have a real ending, so might be unsatisfying without the second video (which should come out next week). So watch at your own risk.

On the Video: This somehow turned out to be a bitch to make, reminded me why I try to stay off-screen. It went through constant re-writes during production, because some sentences didn’t feel right. A warning to all video reviewers, some words are difficult to enunciate when put in the right (or wrong) places. Ironically, I spent an entire day working on a sequence that I ultimately chose to cut out.

Because this is the season finale, I sort of went all out in the gag department, much to the chagrin of the viewers who dislike that stuff (I imagine). In fact, I’m kind of a smartass in this video because I’m being guilty of the stuff I whine about (If you don’t like it, don’t watch it). The next video will be typically more clinical, because more time will be spent on critiquing Spoony.

Please comment, rate, etc and I hope you enjoy!
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