Critiquing the Critics: “The Spill Crew” review.

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The Creepy Bald Guy takes on a group of animated reviewers!


Technically, the Spill Crew has a long and varied history and I decided to make this more about their current style of reviews. Honestly, they had far too many videos for me to keep up with anyway. I used less footage of the subject this time around and I’m mostly happy about how it turned out. I use my headphones so the audio could be at the highest possible quality. My only minor regrets are…

– I forgot to put in my opening and doing so late would have forced me to re-fit the audio portions. No biggie, but I would’ve at least liked a “Welcome to Critiquing the Critics” intro at the very least.

– Not sure about the “Oh wait, you wanted me to talk about the animations” gag. Seems kind of odd and pointless in retrospect. Man I wish I was funnier.

Wow, as much as I love the Spill Crew, it was a bitch using their clips because they generally lack a starting point and an ending point, which is why the beginnings of them seem so odd (more than likely, someone hasn’t finished their sentence). But getting this up was even more frustrating, as parts were glitchy when uploaded.

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