Critiquing the Critics: “RedGuy2764” review.

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MartialHorror reviews a white-ish, pinkish, vaguely feminine guy…?

This was supposed to be an easy review, but constant rewrites made it take much longer than I had anticipated.

lol, notice that my cat is sitting on the couch during my last scene.

His review of “The Last of Us” came out today too. It might actually be better than his “Tomb Raider” review.

I regret using the terms ‘earlier playstation titles’ when regarding “God of War” (PS2). I added the text to sort of explain why I said that.

I honestly don’t care for the set-up at the new location- which is still my Mothers house- as I cant do much with the background and there’s no door separating the room from the rest of the house, meaning my noise annoys them (and their noise annoys me). Maybe I’ll just use my place in the future,