1. MOVIE REVIEW: “Tremors”.

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    “Tremors” was a movie I grew up with. My memory is generally hazy when it comes to my childhood, but I distinctly remember being enthralled by the films cover when I went to my local video store. It showcased its three characters looking alarmed as we saw a giant, toothy monster threatening to devour them from the ground. I had to see it, and I ultimately did. The only twang of regret was that the toothy monster never made an appearance, at least that's what I presumed I felt. Honestly, the only thing I can remember was that the movie scared the crap out of me, but also provided a great deal of entertainment. Now that I've revisited the film, I can see why I was so in love with it. It's one of those few films that manage to be scary, exciting, entertaining and funny all at once. I loved “Tremors” as a kid and I love “Tremors” as an adult. So here is my review and I hope you enjoy! - Signed by MartialHorror