“MartialHorror” is a website dedicated to my two favorite film genre’s: Martial arts and horror. While I do make special exceptions as to what I review, the website mainly focuses on these two genres. However, I also use the focus somewhat liberally. If a movie simply has martial arts, or has it’s scary moments, I may also review them.

  1. “Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015)” movie review.

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    "Tremors 5" is actually a decent sequel, which might sound like an impossible sentence to form after you discover that Jamie Kennedy and the guy who directed "Lake Placid: The Final Chapter", "Who's Your Caddy?", "Kindergarten Cop 2", "Sniper: Legacy", "Sniper: Ghost Shooter", "Jarhead 2: They'll Make A Sequel Out Of Anything" are both involved, yet it is.